About Billie

Billie Wade is a writer whose experiences as a lifelong journaler inspired her to create The Healing Journal©. She designed the five-week, ten-hour class to help others on their path of emotional healing by tapping into their inner resources. Participants gain insight into and a perspective of their relationships and life events.

Billie maintains a daily journaling practice that enhances her personal development. Introspection helps her understand and heal from the triggers and effects of depression and anxiety. She believes in the power of words and internal messages and the ability of individuals to participate in their healing process.

A gregarious introvert, Billie enjoys writing, reading, learning, and dialogue with open-hearted people. She believes in the Light within all living beings that propels people of all backgrounds to strive for Good in the World.

Billie holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services and a Master’s degree in rehabilitation administration. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom through her varied career and life experiences. Sixteen years’ in human resources administration for a large financial services company afforded her relationships with employees at all levels. Her seven years’ as an Advanced Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ACADC) confirmed her belief that people are precious, sacred, resilient, and stronger than they think.

Besides this blog, Billie contributes to the following sites: Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center, www.dmpcc.org/billie, where she shares reflections on mental health concerns and life; Escape Into Life, https://www.escapeintolife.com/tag/lifes-matters/, where she focuses on race relations; and The Write Practice, https://thewritepractice.com/writers-block-shame/, where she writes about a variety of topics related to the writing life.